Christie's Cakes

A Letter From Christie

Christie Miller

W e look forward to helping you create a memorable cake. Besides you, your cake should be the most talked about centerpiece at your reception. Our priority is to not only design a gorgeous cake but create one that tastes decadent as well.

T his is my 12th year of designing wedding cakes and look forward to many more years. I started this business originally as a hobby to allow me to participate in all the wedding excitement and it has just blossomed from there. The most important thing I tell brides is this: anyone can design a "pretty" cake, but if you want it to be memorable, it must taste wonderful. That is what I strive to do.

I   want people to remember your cake; I want them to come back for seconds. One of my fondest cake memories is having a bride's petite grandmother come to me for a third serving, and whispering to me quietly, not to tell her husband that she has now tasted all three flavors.

I   look forward to meeting with you,